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The Amazing Harry Potter

Harry potter and the cursed child is a great book for all the harry potter fans out there. This book is about harry potter all grown up and taking on the life of adult hood. He is now married to Ginny and has 3 children one called lily, Albus and James. Albus is feeling pressured to do great things in his dads shadow of fame. His relationship with his  farther is quite difficult and he fails to for fill their family duties. Naturally, Albus and finds himself in trouble in the magical world when finding a magical time tuner. This book takes place 20 years after harry potters great adventures. All three main characters have all grown up and in their adulthood. Harry had gotten a job at the ministry of magic.


I believe this book is as great as it is as it gives the readers a chance to experience the life of being a wizard. It lets the reader explore the life of others in a different world. J.K Rowling has chosen the characters very well as it makes the readers feel a part of the characters life as they get to see them grow up.  This book made everyone think that they could be their own type of wizard. As a reader it made us feel magical and feel special in our own way. The hidden plot twist also keep us reading and going through the whole book.


I believe that J.K Rowling is a great author, as she portrays the characters well and makes the readers feel very apart of the book as we can feel their emotions with them. I believe this book has been made so well as she targets the right audience and very creative with her words to inspire.



I wonder if J.K Rowling will continue the series even more. I believe that she will make another one to carry on the series. I wonder what she will do next and what the next book if she makes another one what will it be about.